Cristal Palace Hotel

Where passion grows and never ends

The Cristal Palace Hotel is about renewal and blossoms just like a mountain flower getting ready to become a nice place for families. With entertainment, the area to be discovered and the unique experiences we can offer, we are ready for a little madness which is good for the heart.

Restaurant: dining among the mountains
There is a large room in our restaurant for families where you can savour the smells, flavours and traditions of mountain life and spend some special moments together. There is also entertainment at the table: The staff will stir children’s curiosity by letting them sample many tasty and authentic dishes always with a smile.

SPA: let the water wash over you
Cristal Palace is also a Spa for families … Like adults, children also have a lot of commitments in their daily life. Cristal Palace Hotel invites guests to unwind in this environment designed to find balance, calm and share moments of relaxation with the whole family.

Rooms: roll on the large soft bed
Waking up together with the sun peeping in from behind the windows…Open your eyes and then roll on the sheets that smell of the mountains. Another wonderful day is about to begin, there is an atmosphere of adventure and special moments to experience together as a family.



We want to surprise you with our ideas designed for the family