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Madonna di Campiglio

Welcome to the Dolomites, to our UNESCO protected landscape. This elegant Alpine resort is also known as the pearl of the Brenta Dolomites, the name Madonna di Campiglio bringing to mind pictures of charm and elegance.

What sets this resort apart is the small town, built in Trentino style, which is welcoming and filled with bijoux boutiques, sports shops, restaurants and wine bars, offering a host of delicious local products.


Nardis Falls – Pinzolo

Val di Genova is also known as the valley of waterfalls owing to the large number of waterfalls dotted about, with unique crystalline rocky formations and colours. Surrounded by the Adamello mountain chain to the South and by the Presenella chain to the North.

In the afternoon, visit to the 1914 – ’18 war museum in Spiazzo Rendena and Pinzolo with its “La danza della morte” (The dance of death) which takes up the top of the southern wall stretching 20 metres in length.

It is the work of Simone Baschenis da Averaria (BG). The painter completed his work on 25-10-1539.

The “Dance of Death” is a popular representation of a fundamental idea: everyone has the same destiny, everyone must die. Other death dances can be found in many locations throughout Northern Europe and Italy.


Trento and MUSE



Trip to Trento, provincial capital, visit to the historic city centre, Buonconsiglio Castle and to the new science museum, MUSE, a spectacular glass structure by the architect Renzo Piano, inspired by the shape of the mountains in Trentino.

Few cities could be more romantic than Verona, the city of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

In summer, the opera moves towards the city’s atmospheric location: the ancient Roman arena. The summer opera festival, which has featured famous opera singers such as Maria Callas, begins the season towards 20th June until the end of August.


Garda Trentino – Mart Museum

Culture and natural treasure in Northern Lake Garda – Garda Trentino. Historic city centres, small country towns, churches, palazzos, castles, ancient villages and archaeological sites. The charm of the lake, but also the echoes of past eras which have, over the years, formed its identity.

An unexpected “marine sanctuary” between the Alps and the Po Valley: the landscape of Lake Garda Trentino is dominated by Lake Garda and embellished by a constellation of small lakes such as lake Tenno and lake Ledro.

Natural gems such as the Varone waterfall, the Marocche di Dro biotope, Monte Brione biotope in Riva del Garda, Marmitte dei Giganti glacial era wells in Nago, the Caproni wood in Arco (or the arboretum in Arco).

Even the landscape is special, surrounded by a ring of mountains that protect the valley from the harsh cold arriving from Northern Europe, guaranteeing the famous Mediterranean climate throughout all seasons.

Not far from the lake stands the city of Rovereto, which is famous for being home to the Mart, the museum of modern and contemporary art. Overnight stay on Northern Lake Garda.