Cristal Energy SPA & Wellness

The life’s heart is energy

The heart of life is energy and feeling well means smiling, especially to yourself. That’s why energy rebalancing is always the core feature of our every treatment.

Our Cristal Energy SPA is designed to help you recover your energy, which is the source and the soul of life and of well-being.

We are well equipped with the right tools and equipment to work on bio frequencies, to provide considerable benefits through the use of blood oxygenation and the activities of your body’s regenerated cells.

Full physical and mental well-being cannot be attained without music, the therapeutic applications of which we have studied intensively: through the joint work of the vibrations from the “Stradivari” bed and an unprecedented piece of music that accompanies your customised massage, we help foster the aperture and the energy release of your body.

Our cutting-edge equipment and the skilled hands of our fully trained staff will take care of your body to bring back to the surface all the very best of you.
Children are admitted in the communal areas of Cristal Energy SPA at restricted times.

Cristal Energy Spa services include

  1. Covered relaxing heated water pool (28°) equipped with specific whirlpool jets and countercurrent swimming, surrounded by chromotherapy spotlights;
  2. two vertical whirlpool jets;
  3. floor-flush Geyser jets with specific foot water massage;
  4. neck water massage fountain jets;
  5. whirlpool bathtub (for six/eight people);
  6. gym with computerised equipment (Personal Trainer available at a fee);
  7. shower of emotions with ice fountain;
  8. chromatic shower;
  9. steam room with aromatic essences;
  10. indoor Finnish sauna;
    1. booth for special spa treatments;
    2. two booths for Oriental and traditional massages;
    3. booth with the exclusive violin-shaped “Stradivari” bed for music therapy and vibration massages;
    4. massage booth with holistic multi-sensory lamp (crystal therapy, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and music therapy);
    5. Bemer bed with various micro frequency applications;
    6. bio-energy lamp;
    7. exclusive VIP area to be booked and reserved for “Un’isola per te” (An island for you) couples with private whirlpool, bio-sauna, steam room, Roman sweatroom with chromotherapy and essential oils;
    8. outdoor and indoor Solarium sunbathing area;
    9. relaxation area and Dolomites water fountain.